Neo learns offers developers a great set of tools and functionality and once it makes sense, it sticks and gets under your skin.

When talking about, I try desperately to make two disparate points.

  1. We write software to do things with data. We create it, mutate it, send it to places, receive it and let systems show interest in it. We put it into queues, key-value buckets and objects. We feed it into AI models and use ML derived from it.

  2. We create networks to enable all of the interactions with the data and have gone to great lengths to make that fast, secure, and get it through layers and stacks of software. That means we have to glue those layers together and sometimes that fights the very thing we’re trying to enable. The good news is, NATS enables and exists for both of these patterns and can rarely see how to architect and build systems without it. It’s stuck to me!

So, instead of fighting it, I made a fun little video!

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