Built.fm S01EP08: Mac Martine chats about grit and determination whilst building

S01EP08 I chat with Mac Martine, who is a personification of determination and grit. He did something few do and went straight to sales and figured out how to work with them. Amazing.


Mac is life long entrepreneur and passionate SaaS bootstrapper. He’s also the person behind thesaasbootstrapper.co which makes him a source of inspiration and truth! I had the privilege of being joined by Mac for episode 08 and was left with energy to grind and hustle. His approach is straight forward, no-nonsense and with a lack of tech religion, which was refreshing. Mac is also open to other builders reaching out to him and a huge supporter of indie hacking and entrepreneurial activities.

If you’re an audio person, click play above, or for video, see below!

Mac Martine

Twitter: https://twitter.com/saasmakermac

TheSaaSBootStrapper.co: https://www.thesaasbootstrapper.co

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