Multiple Argument Functions

Dave Cheyney, Wizard extraordinaire posted a challenge on clarity for multi-argument functions. It got me thinking and whilst trying to consume a sawdust and milk breakfast arrangement, I let my brain chew on the post. An excerpt from Mr Cheyney’s original post is below.

A Challenge

When this situation is unavoidable my solution to this class of problem is to introduce a helper type which will be responsible for calling CopyFile correctly.

type Source string

func (src Source) CopyTo(dest string) error {
    return CopyFile(dest, string(src))

func main() {
    var from Source = ""

In this way CopyFile is always called correctly and, given its poor API can possibly be made private, further reducing the likelihood of misuse. Can you suggest a better solution?

An Alternate Way?

Not sure mine is a better solution, but is this an acceptable alternate solution? Both solutions require the use of a type, where one uses a method and the other a plain ol’ function. I’m not brave enough to take on such a wizard, but there’s nothing stopping me from making a straw Dave and throwing rocks at it.

type fileCopyParts struct {
    source string
    dest   string

func Copier(f fileCopyParts) error {
    return CopyFile(f.dest, f.source)

func main() {
    f := fileCopyParts{source: "", dest: "/tmp/backup"}
    err := Copier(f)
    if err != nil {
        // etc

Wind the clock forward some 20 minutes of beard scratching ponder, I trashed my sketchy proposal on the grounds of single-use and code for the sake of code. Despite there being absolute discrimination for the parts going into the copier, it strikes me more of a factory approach than solution. I think it’s simple but it doesn’t bode well if we’re also trying to re-use code in a standard way through interfaces in much the same way the standard API handles this.

Why write about it? For personal posterity and for me to laugh at when I do this again when I search Google for opinions.


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