Simplify Simplify Simplify In Sales

It’s super important to understand and know your audience. Even when you think you’re not being technical, there are levels of un-technical you can drop to that make you cringe, but if your audience needs it, then it’s a great skill to learn.

As the network and software world hurtles along at super ridiculous speed (that’s the perception at least), it’s important to acknowledge that a lot of the enterprises and organisations out there are dealing with much the sameness of the last decade or so. Not everyone is riding the hype of Cloud, SDN or DevOps (shock horror?), so when your area of speciality in their world is the disruptive technology, be sure to have a card in your back pocket that helps you step it down a level. Many preconceived ideas exist in every world so do not be afraid to help them understand. You will get met with resistance but remember, you are threatening the way they do things today, therefore show them and help them see the value. It’s always critical to remember, someone else has been in at some point and convinced them to do what they’re doing today. Fair fight? Never is.

Ultimately a customer has to trust you and believe in what you say. With massive jumps of relative technology, the resistance to change is high. It’s the “We’ve always done it this way and we do not want to change”. What if you can give some of their life energy back and do more with what they have? After all, we have an exchange rate of life energy for a sum of money, it’s called your salary. Make your customers hourly exchange rate worth more to them than what it was before you walked through the door touting your wares and you might just have an opportunity to deliver something truly beneficial.

The picture used for this article is that from the film: Wolf of Wall Street featuring Leonardo Di Caprio. I do not own this picture and it’s merely used to point out that to sell, you have to really get the value of whatever it is across, in the most human positive way possible. All rights of this picture belong to the picture owner, not me.

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