Network Automation & Controller Questionnaire

With all of the current trends coming in to the industry around policy based network configuration, network automation and controller value add, do you understand why and where the trends are coming from? With organisations, consultancy outfits and independents struggling to see where things are going in the industry, it’s imperative that as an industry we steer education and awareness. Sure, the big players are steering things, but you, the fraternity drive the demand. Have your say and the results will be published at the end of the year once there are enough submissions to represent a varying set of opinions.

Do you actually have a customer dying to move to a policy based operations model? Do you know what policy based configuration is and where the industry is going with it?

Does your organisation have a rigid change management structure? How would your company handle automatic network configuration generation? Would you still need to manually execute the deployment and email with a “green tick” to the change board?

Do you automate your build configuration already? How do you do that? Are you comfortable with it?

Do you have ideas on what value a controller could bring to your organisation? Are you worried about the security of said controller?

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