About me

Nice to meet you

Who am I? What do I do?

Hi there. My name is David Gee. I'm a product leader, software & electronics engineer, blogger, software developer, international speaker and a technologist, residing in England, UK. You can read more about my background on LinkedIn. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a varied career and have spent over two decades in communications, computer networking and software, at an advanced level, working for manufacturers of computer networking equipment, open source software vendors and have spent a large chunk of my career in highly connected distribtued systems and automation.

Products and Projects

I operate in the UK in my spare time in the communication space (computer networking), distributed systems engineering and I write software, mainly things like Micro-SaaS systems. One of my curret projects (2024) is ClientRecordCards, which is a CRM system for the Hair and Beauty industry. I also support local councils and government with the computer networking, CCTV and security systems, because I believe in making the area better that I and my family live.

Ethics and Business

I charge for software or engineering work and ensure that I charge fair prices, pay my taxes and pay suppliers promptly. As such, I'm a member of the Good Business Chater, a worthwhile organisation that promotes ethics in business, setup by Julian Rich, the very same person who setup Richer Sounds!